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Cellar Full of

The Crypt is now much more than a place to see great music – it’s a place to create it! We’re proud to announce Cellar Full of Sound – a brand new rehearsal space for musicians & performers.

Simulate and shape your perfect live sound in one of Hastings’ most well-known and well-loved venues, on a stage where great bands such as Muse, Kasabian, The Kooks, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and many more have played.

The space is available to hire from 12pm-10pm, Monday to Friday! Prices start at £17.00 per hour. Sessions come supplied with:

  • Guitar Amp Cab (Celestion 4×12) and Head (Laney GH50L)
  • Bass Amp Cab (Peavey 4×12) and Head
  • Carlsboro Solid State Combo Amp
  • Pearl Drum Kit:
    • 22″ Bass Drum
    • Snare
    • 12″ Rack Tom
    • 13″ Rack Tom
    • 16″ Floor Tom